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Natural products for conscious living. 

We are a small hands on family owned business in Ohio that creates the finest quality pure botanical products for the conscious consumer.  Studies have shown the natural healing properties of plants as a complimentary modality for total harmony to be beneficial. Our bodies are naturally in harmony with plants. We absorb and use the many essential constituents found in specific plants easily. Plants have been used for centuries to help positively benefit our existence.  Many time honored remedies have proved effective with using ingredients derived from vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, vinegars, teas, and dried herbs. Our superior grade all natural products are formulated with essential botanical ingredients and essential oil blends specifically chosen to help harmonize the body, mind and spirit connection. 


 HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS develops simple to use, beneficial botanical products that incorporate the wisdom of ancient teachers who used aromatic oils and plant derived ingredients to help address issues of beauty and well-being.  Ingredients are continually researched and updated. Our finest quality natural products offer a fresh harmonious alternative for those who wish to consciously choose products that may help benefit the total self and the environment.  HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS is made fresh to order.  We are a growing establishment and pride ourselves in continuing to remain customer connected.  Orders will be sent in a timely fashion according to when they are received. We do not believe in animal testing, nor do we use animal by-products. We are sensitive to keeping abreast of information regarding endangered plant species. Our product selections are vegan friendly. Our goal is to offer our consumer the freshest most trustworthy natural and organic ingredients in every product selection with HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS. 


     HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS offers botanical based product solutions for personal care and the home. Our targeted aromatic product selections contain essential botanical synergies formulated to help naturally promote and support our own ability to achieve harmonious well being. HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS supplies multi-level benefits for the total body~mind~spirit connection. We incorporate the wisdom of ancient teachings with the natural healing properties of pure plants that supply the essentials needed to naturally address issues of health and beauty.  Our products are made fresh to order, and in small batches to insure quality control.  We pride ourselves in being consumer sensitive and cost effective by placing emphasis on offering the finest concentration of active ingredients in our product contents and not in supplying fancy packaging when producing HARMONIOUS ESSENTIALS. We do not believe in using parabens, petrochemicals, lanolin, dyes, artificial, synthetic, animal derived, chemically altered or potentially harmful ingredients. Our goal is to offer the consumer a natural choice for personal well-being with essentials to help awaken our life forces, balance our energies, and soothe our being naturally into healthy harmony.    


     RETURN POLICY:  Due to the possibility of contamination of contents we do not accept returned merchandise.  Content of product consistency can change in transport.  We recommend simply stirring or shaking products to regain correct consistency.  We also recommend refrigerating cream and lotion products in case of higher temperatures.  The average shelf life of our products is 8-12 months from date of purchase if stored at room temperature, in a dry and cool environment and out of direct sunlight.


     DISCLAIMER:  We at Harmonious Essentials make no medical claims for our products or any information found in this brochure.  We do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions with our products.  Please seek the advice of a licensed health care provider before using aromatherapy products if you have a medical concern, are currently under medical care, are pregnant or are taking homeopathic products.  We do not take any liability for your implementation of our products or the use of information from this brochure.  Our products should not be taken internally.  We recommend caution if using products containing citrus oils when sunbathing or using a tanning bed.  Due to the fluctuating market prices, product prices are subject to change without notice.

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