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• Stimulating and Warming Massage Gel
• Non-Greasy
• No Lingering Scent
• 4.2 oz

ComfortFlex Massage Gel

  • Experience a release and get back in the zone with a feeling of comfort and ease. This light, penetrating non-greasy botanical massage gel supplies warming, stimulating and cooling essentials with calming plant based body benefits to support a return to harmony. Contains organic Aloe Vera Gel and a multi-beneficial essential oil blend including Eucalyptus, Helichrysum, Tumeric, MSM and Capsicum. It penetrates effortlessly into the skin without a sticky residue or a lingering scent. Apply Comfortflex Massage Gel before and after a workout at the gym, golf course, after gardening in the backyard or whenever you feel you need to get back into the comfort zone. This refreshing gel is one of our best selling products. Paraben, lanolin, alcohol, dye and petrochemical free.
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