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- Contains CBD Extract

- May Help Reduce the Symptoms of Chronic Pain and Anxiety

- Natural Anti-Inflammatory 

- Botanically Derived Ingredients - 100% Natural 

- 2 fl oz.

Trauma Herbal Oil w/ CBD

  • This formulation supplies a deeply penetratring multi-purpose herb infused oil synergy to help support a natural analgesic, skin calming anti-inflammatory response for soothing relief.

    Ingredients include Arnica, St. John's Wart and Calendula infused in olive oil, Tamanu oil, essential oils with Matricaria recutica, Helichrysum Immortelle and Lavandula angustifolia.  Apply to affected area.  Massage into skin until absorbed.  Apply to irritated skin and let dry without rubbing.  Do not use on open skin.  Apply three times a day for best results.  

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